Hello lovelies,

Here's a little update on what's been happening in Lou Lou world:

Since last year, we've spent our time between Los Angeles and Stockholm writing and recording new material for an album. We're so proud of the new songs and can't wait for you to hear them...

As you might know, we have a thing for doing covers, so this time we've made a Lou Lou version of The Bee Gees' 'Stayin' Alive' - a classic song most people know, and one of the biggest commercial disco tracks coming out of the 70's disco era in New York. For that reason we wanted to put our spin on it; slow it down, dissect the message and pull it into another territory. See it as a Lou Lou End of Summer offering - and a tiny preview of what's to come!

You can listen and download the song here!

We hope you love it!

xx Elektra & Miranda